Investment Secrets From Heaven – Part 6
May 23, 2021


  • Investment Secret # 1: Invest in people’s lives.
  • Matthew 20:28
  • An is one who comes to serve.
  • A is one who comes to be served.
  • The measure of a church’s success is not the quality of a pastor’s sermon, but in the quality of a congregation’s service.
  • Service is a source of .

The Practical Benefits of Service

  1. The pastor’s ability to spiritually nourish you is exponentially increased when you start serving (Matthew 13:1-12
  2. When you serve, you receive inside information (Matthew 13:18-23
  3. When you serve, you receive practical ministry training.
    • John 4:1-4
    • Matthew 10:1
    • Matthew 10:8
    • Luke 10:1-3
    • Luke 10:17
  4. Everything you believe about God is tested in your relationships with people
    • I John 4:20
    • Whatever love you show to the world must first be tested by your love for the church.
    • Our witness to the world can only be fulfilled when we are loving the people in our Christian family (John 13:34-35)
    • One of the reasons for Christians to gather together is for us to renew our love for each other (Hebrews 12:24-25)

Five Levels of Service

  1. Contributing an individual talent or skill
  2. Submission to a collective vision.
  3. Helping others complete their tasks.
  4. Creating vision within the vision.
  5. Producing other leaders.

© Joshua D. Smith, Ph.D., 2021

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