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Not of This World- Part 1
Archived – November 3, 2019

Not of This World- Part 1

November 3, 2019


  • We learned from The Incredibles movie that we are a of supers, but we learned from The Black Panther movie that we are a family of supers.
  • Our big brother is the and has sent us to earth to conduct the business of the State—that is, the Kingdom of God (Hebrews 2:11)
  • We are from heaven who represent the Kingdom of God to the earth (2 Corinthians 5:20).
  • Specifically, we are to compel people to be to God on Christ’s behalf.
  • However, as people from heaven who live on earth, sometimes it is to know how to live.
  • When do we focus on our identity and when we focus on our one?
  • How do you respond to this world’s needs without violating the principles of your home world?


You’re not from Here

  • You’re not from here. You are from the one who you (John 17:16-18).
  • Being sent is another way of saying you are an ambassador.
  • Like contemporary ambassadors, the minute you are sent, you lose your to the (John 12:44-45).
  • A sent one becomes the of the sender.
  • The of the sent one comes from the sender (John 8:18).
  • The sender is responsible for letting everyone know that the sent one is an representative of the sender.
  • In the Kingdom of God, this validation comes from the .
  • God sends His to rest upon and live within anyone who represents Him (John 1:29-34; John 15:26).


The Great Exchange

  • Senders sent ones authority, power and identity.
  • Sent ones their personal wills, words and works.

John 6:38

John 7:16

John 12:49

John 14:24

John 4:34

John 10:37

John 9:4


The Servant is not Greater than the Master

  • If Jesus his own will to do the will of His sender, who are we not to do the same? (John 13:16)
  • As the Father sent Jesus, Jesus has sent us (John 17:16-18).


The Love of the World

  • Denying ourselves to do the will of our sender would be easy if there were no worldly .
  • The promises the life, but as defined by humans.
  • Scripture promises , the God life.
  • The God life is the life, but as defined by God (John 10:10).
  • We find the God life in .
  • We follow Him by listening to His (John 10:27).
  • Jesus communicates to us through the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit in us and in .
  • Hence, the voice of Jesus is in the .
  • The voice of the world is in our .
  • The world serenades our and causes us to fall in love with it.
  • When we fall in love with the world, we put good and bad in the wrong .
  • John warns us about this deception (I John 2:15-17).
  • The world’s offer is convincing because it on the .
  • The world offers the most direct connection to the things that give us pleasure, satisfaction and boosted .
  • However, what the world offers is and becomes less satisfying with each .
  • The God life is eternal, but also requires you to trust that is a better judge of what is for you than you are.


Seeing the World Through the Eyes of the Father

  • Ironically, we’re called to the world, but with a love that is from outside the world (John 3:16)
  • You can’t use the love that comes from the world to it.
  • The world can only be saved with love that comes from outside of it, which is the Love of the .
  • God expresses His Love through His , but the Spirit feels to the world.
  • The same Spirit that cares for followers of Jesus convicts sinners of their wicked ways (John 16: 7-11).
  • The Holy Spirit lives in us and helps us express God’s love to sinners.
  • God’s message of love to sinners is to be reconciled to God (John 3:16-19, 1 Corinthians 5:20)
  • The primary way that we should be relating to the world is to them to be reconciled with God.

John 13:20

John 11:41-42

John 17:20-21




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