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God’s Global Workforce – Part 2
Archived – December 15, 2019

God’s Global Workforce – Part 2

December 15, 2019


  • You’re not from here. You are from the one who sent you (John 17:16-18).
  • Jesus sent us into the world to be ambassadors (II Corinthians 5:20).
  • Jesus also sent us into the world to be laborers. (Matthew 9:35-38).
  • When Jesus speaks of laborers, he’s speaking .

• Laborers = Harvesters

• Lord of the Harvest = Owner of the field

• Field = The world

• The harvest = Pre-Christians

  • The Biblical Pattern is :


(the crowds)

(their pain)

(to God)


(the laborers)

The laborers

  • You can’t pray earnestly for laborers without becoming a laborer (Isaiah 6:8).
  • The of laborers is based on whether they are sent or not.
  • People who are sent and follow the of the sender get the results the sender promised.
  • God uses more than one to explain our role in leading people to Christ:
  • He also describes us as , people who catch fish (Luke 5:4-10).
  • When Peter to fish, he catches nothing.
  • When Peter to fish, he catches more fish than he is prepared to handle.


More Lessons From Fishing

  • Jesus uses the lesson about catching fish to teach Peter about catching fish .
  • The Bible documents how Peter fulfilled the learning of the lesson.

learning outcomes identify what the learner will know and be able to do by the end of a course or program. (Shirley Lesch, retired professor from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada).

• Peter Preaches (Acts 2:14).

• There’s an altar call (Acts 2:37-40).

• 3000 join the church (Acts 2:41).

• The crowd becomes a congregation (Acts 2:42).

• More learning outcomes and impact indicators (Acts 2:43-47).

– Devotion to the Word (2:42)

– Meals and gatherings in homes (2:42,46)

– Prayer (2:42)

– Awe (2:43)

– Signs and wonders (2:43)

– Generosity beyond tithing (2:44-45)

– Praise (2:47)

– Favor (2:47)

– People daily joining the church (2:47)


Joshua D. Smith, Ph.D., 2019

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