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God’s Global Workforce – Part 3
Archived – December 29, 2019

God’s Global Workforce – Part 3

December 29, 2019


  • We must distinguish between worldly success and kingdom , between the American dream and the vision.
  • We cannot measure Christian success by , money and other symbols of ministry prosperity.
  • While God does prosper people, determining whether material success is from the world or from God requires .
  • One way to discern is by being clear about what biblical prosperity is; it is NOT prosperity for sake.

Prosperity is

  • “provision for ” (Myles Munroe).
  • for your assignment.
  • lavish supply for the
  • Matthew 6:31-33


  • We are all on assignment to complete a mission from another .
  • This was the point of Superhero Sunday Month.
  • We watched movie clips of superheroes so we could understand the ways that we are superheroes.
  • You’re not from . You are from the one who sent you (John 17:16-18).
  • The sender is responsible for the one who is sent spiritually and materially.

A sent one is

  • an (II Corinthians 5:20)
  • a (Matthew 9:37-38)


Jesus, the Educator

  • The work of the church is as much as it is anything else.
  • A disciple is a .
  • A student’s success is measured by learning .

learning outcomes identify what the learner will know and be able to do by the end of a course or program. (Shirley Lesch, retired professor from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada).

Biblical Learning Outcomes (Acts 2:41-47):

  • The crowd becomes a congregation (Acts 2:41-42).
  • Devotion to the Word (Acts 2:42).
  • Meals and gatherings in homes (Acts 2:42, Acts 2:46).
  • Prayer (Acts 2:42).
  • Awe (Acts 2:43).
  • Signs and wonders (Acts 2:43).
  • Generosity beyond tithing (Acts 2:44-45).
  • Praise (Acts 2:47).
  • Favor (Acts 2:47).
  • People daily joining the church (Acts 2:47)

  • If we don’t look at learning outcomes, we’ll confuse a crowd with a .
  • You can amass a large group of people through attraction or through biblical .
  • An attraction model depends on stage talent, high production values and expensive Christian professionals.
  • A biblical multiplication model is not about attraction. It relies on the to draw people to God as God’s people labor in God’s field.
  • A biblical multiplication model is cheap because it depends on the laity working for as God pays their ministry .
  • Here’s the big idea: A sent one is also a . (Hebrews 5:12, Ephesians 4:11-13)


Summary of Key Principles (Bishop’s Blueprint)

  • The Bible gives us general to live by and it provides the purpose for every church that God has ordained in the world.
  • In that sense, every local church has the same .
  • However, the Bible not only invites us to follow the instructions spelled out in Scripture, but also the instructions to us as spelled out by the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:2-3, Acts 16:6-10)
  • People who are sent and follow the of the sender get the results the sender promised.
  • The purpose of Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whittier is to help people live for purpose (not their own private ambition).

In effect, we

  • teach people to do the will of the sender, not the will of the sent.
  • help people transition from being casually Christian to Kingdom committed.
  • raise up an ever-expanding core of committed followers of Christ to disciple and preach the gospel to people in every nation.


As sent ones we know that we are

  • superheroes
  • ambassadors
  • laborers
  • students (disciples)
  • ministers


As laborer’s in God’s field, our strategy is to

  • Seek God
  • Serve People
  • Solve Problems
  • Share the Gospel


We affirm the learning outcomes in the 5 I AMs:

  • I am to bring the Word of God to the nations.
  • I am to make Christ known to all men.
  • I am to become a true worshipper of God.
  • I am to fulfill God’s purposes in the earth.
  • I am to have the God-kind of life.

Joshua D. Smith, Ph.D., 2019

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