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Investment Secrets From Heaven – Part 3
Archived – April 25, 2021

Investment Secrets From Heaven – Part 3

April 25, 2021


  • Invest in things on earth that will have value in .
  • Heaven is not just a place. It’s kingdom.
  • The kingdom of heaven will eventually extend to the earth .
  • As followers of Jesus, we must be willing to invest in the kingdom even though we can’t see its physical fullness.

Investment Secret # 1

  • Invest in people’s lives.
  • Matthew 20:28
  • Jesus’ attitude is the opposite of the Christian attitude today.
  • The contemporary Christian comes to church to served.
  • These two competing attitudes define the key ideas of this sermon series:
    • An is one who comes to serve.
    • A is one who comes to be served.
  • The tension between investors and consumers is not new.
  • Jesus faced the same challenge.
  • Jesus faced challenges speaking openly because His message was the antithesis of His attraction.
  • John 2:23-24
  • Luke 14:25-27

Knowing the Difference Between Glitter and Gold

  • We have the capacity to large crowds to the church through marketing, staffing and programming.
  • Without a focus on the priorities of the kingdom, ministry will become a transaction:
    • Engaging content for views and likes
    • Amenities for donations
    • Entertaining stage content for butts in seats
  • The irony is this: no one relates to pastors and praise teams.
  • The measure of a church’s success is not the quality of a pastor’s sermon, but the quality of a congregation’s service.
  • Today’s pastor is an Instagram post.
  • Lay persons serving in their neighborhoods, schools, communities and places of work are far more relatable than a social media star.
  • Focusing on a pastor’s sermon is the equivalent of focusing on a coach’s halftime speech.
  • Coaches aren’t judged by halftime speeches, but by how many games their teams win.
  • No one leaves a church because there’s not enough lighting, but they do leave if there’s not enough love.
  • Having business savvy is not wrong. We just have to know the difference between the and the means.
  • John 6:22-27
  • John 6:35
  • John 6:52-55
  • John 6:60
  • John 6:66 

© Joshua D. Smith, Ph.D., 2021

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