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Rediscovering Worship – Part 7
Archived – August 15, 2021

Rediscovering Worship – Part 7

August 15, 2021

The Power of Together

This is important because of the focus in Scripture on collective praise and worship (Psalm 34:1-3

There are real challenges to this:

  • Hybrid Worship Experiences
  • Cultural differences based on race.
  • Cultural differences based on .

The Ideal

Psalm 145:4

The focus is on commending God’s works, not our own.

Every generation thinks that it is the chosen one.

Everyone thinks that the music they listen to in high school is the best music ever.

In America, we have a loose concept of generational categories, largely based on the Baby Boomer phenomenon—Once we name and describe one generation, we are compelled to name and describe the others.

While one’s generation does not predetermine everything, generational categories can be useful as we think about cross-generational worship.

Generational Breakdowns in America

(Beresford Research, https://www.beresfordresearch.com/age-range-by-generation/)



Gen Z

Born: 1997 – 2012

Ages: 9 – 24


Born: 1981 – 1996

Ages: 25 – 40

Gen X

Born: 1965 – 1980

Ages: 41 – 56

Boomers II

Born: 1955 – 1964

Ages: 57 – 66

Boomers I

Born: 1946 – 1954

Ages: 67 – 75

Post War

Born: 1928 – 1945

Ages: 76 – 93


Born: 1922 – 1927

Ages: 94 – 99


All these generational differences shape the way we experience life, but also how we experience God.

Acts 17:26-27

As we seek God, we see God.

As we see more of God, we share what He has revealed to us through praise.

The differences in our praise should be , not competitive.

Count the Costs

Seeking God has .

God has costs.

More of Him means less of us.

Costs by Generation


Pre-Workforce (Gen Z)

Lessons from Ephesians

  • Regardless of your place in the world, you are accountable to God.

I Samuel 3:1

I Samuel 3:4

Cost to you: liberty

Course of action:

  • Seek God
  • Submit to
  • Serve others

Post-Workforce (Baby Boomers)

Luke 5:33-39

People don’t have to act like you to be a Christian; they have to act like Jesus to be a Christian.

Change is a natural part of life; what’s unnatural is to resist change.

Motivation for change will come from the 4G Vision:

  • Attending church with your adult children (natural and spiritual)
  • Worshipping God with your grandchildren (natural and spiritual)
  • Seeing your great-grand children live for God (natural and spiritual)

Cost to you: lawn

Course of action:

  • mentor
  • model
  • mature
  • more

Workforce (Gen-X, Millennials, Some Boomers)

[Mid-Experience Adults]

Luke 12:15-21

Give God the first fruit of your increase.

Give God the prime of your life.

Cost to you: livelihood

God wants your:

  • time
  • talent
  • tithe

© Joshua D. Smith, Ph.D., 2021

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