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I Am to Become a True Worshipper of God
Archived – July 31, 2022

I Am to Become a True Worshipper of God

July 31, 2022

What is Worship?

Worship is ascribing worth to Almighty God, through our actions, our lives, and our understanding of God and His majesty.

  • From Genesis to Revelation, worship is woven in scripture:
    • Isaiah 43:7, Isaiah 43:21 
  • Worship is so important to God, that His ultimate plan in sending Jesus was not only for redemption, but through Christ’s redemptive blood to create worshippers. 
    • Worship: The Ultimate Priority by John MacArthur: “Salvation was first and foremost for God’s benefit.”

The first way to prepare for the presence is to understand:

  • Worship is not about us
    • True worship is not about what we receive, but what we give.
    • Our desires, dreams, passions, and wills are irrelevant if they are not the desires, dreams, passions and wills of the Father God.

What does it mean for God to get the glory in our life?

God receives the beauty, splendor, majesty that He is deserving of.

  • In order to devote our lives to bringing God glory, we have to live a selfless life.
  • A life dedicated for God’s glory means that we prefer God above everything else, including ourselves.

A true worshipper devotes his whole life to ensuring Almighty God is glorified.

The second way to prepare for the presence is to understand that:

Worship is not a song; it is a life laid down in surrender

In order to live a life of surrender you have to fear the Lord.

Mathew 10:28 

To live a surrendered life you have to live a life of:

  1. Purity
  2. Obedience
  3. Dependency on God


1. Purity (holiness)

  • Leviticus 10:8-11

When we begin to live a mixed life:

  1. It separates us from communion with the Father (Genesis)
  2. It’s harder to distinguish from clean and unclean.

    2. Obedience

    Story of Abraham

    Genesis 22:5 

    • Worship was not just offering the sacrifice; worship was in the obedience.

      Genesis 22:12

      • Here was the test, the test was would Abraham withhold anything from the Lord, even the promise.
        • This is worship to the Lord following completely everything He commands and instructs us and stand on faith the HE WILL PROVIDE.

      3. Dependency on God

      James 4:7-10 

      But part of the reason I believe that we as believers struggle with depending on God is because we don’t know Him.

      You can only ascribe worth to something if you understand/know it’s value. Is our worship pleasing to the Lord? If not, is it because we do know Him.

      • To worship Christ you must know him

      The last way to prepare for the presence is we have to:

      Worship God is Spirit and Truth

      John 4:21-24

      In Between Two Worlds by John Scott “All worship is an intelligent and loving response to the revelation of God, because it is adoration of His Name.”

      Altar Call: Worship Demonstration

      Worship is active, you do not stumble into the presence of God. Entering into the presence of God is intentional, pro-active.

      1. Deny Self. Posture your heart towards the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
      2. Fear God Almighty
        1. Take a posture of repentance
          1. Ask for forgiveness from:
            1. Sin
            2. Disobeying His instructions
            3. Not submitting to Him as Lord
      3. Now, lets worship God in Spirit and in Truth

      1 Chronicles 16:8-12, 1 Chronicles 16:23-36



      © Ravyn Woodard, 2022

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